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Iroquois Candle Co. 

Hand Crafted  ~ Scented ~ 100% Soy Candles

Iroquois Candle Co. candles are not only a source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and are used as a symbol of celebration, life transitions, soothing of the senses, ceremonies, accenting your home décor, but more importantly, assisting you on your journey to wellness and healing.


Wellness starts with us as individuals taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. The Iroquois Candle Co. recognizes the need for health and happiness in a world that is so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. For that reason we make every candle with a healthy mind, pure intentions, love and, a prayer.

We believe that a candle can encourage us to create a holistic state of wellbeing when we take time to appreciate and nurture our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional conditions. That is why Iroquois Candle Co. was conceived.

We truly hope that you find the same sense of peace, love and harmony as we do while you experience the Iroquois Candle Co.'s crafted candle's positive energy, soothing scent and ambiance from the flickering of the flame.    

~ WHO AM I ~

Rebecca Wolfe is an Iroquois woman from the Oneida Nation of the Thames who tends to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. Her inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled vision of humanism guide her in all things and hoping to leave her mark on the world.

"I hope to help create balance and make a positive impact in your life through my 

creativity, imagination, conviction and, sensitivity. "

"Your Spirit is the glow. Spread your glow to the world. 

Send out Peace thoughts when you light it."  ~ Anita 


The Iroquois Candle Co. Soy Candles are environmentally friendly. Obviously the soy wax candle is the preferred choice for environmental reasons as they provide a petro soot ‘free’ burn (up to 90% less soot). Paraffin contains petro, a gasoline product which is not a renewable resource. That being said, 95% of candles manufactured today use Paraffin as it is a far less expansive option. 

It’s true that soy wax candles usually are a little more expensive than other candles, but they do provide a longer, cleaner and slower burn. When taking this into account, the more expensive soy candle actually isn’t more expensive at all. The advantages far outweigh choosing the cheaper Paraffin candle.

Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature due to the fact that soy wax melts at a lower temperature than Paraffin. Lasting up to 50% longer than a Paraffin candle, one of the huge benefits of soy wax is that is is 100% natural and renewable.

The ‘cleaner burn’ is referring to the fact that soy candles are toxin, carcinogens and pollutant free making these candles less likely to effect allergies.

Iroquois Candle Co. Soy Wax Candle Benefits Include:

~  Eco Friendly  ~  Biodegradable  ~  Renewable  ~  Sustainable  ~  Carbon Neutral  ~  Clean Burns  ~

~  No Animal Testing  ~  Lead-free wicks made from paper or cotton  ~  Cleans with Soap and Water!  ~

As you can see there are many reason to choose soy candles and as to why they have become a very popular choice. The responsibility of looking after ourselves lies with us, and making the simple choice of choosing our soy wax candles is a wonderful start .

With each purchase of one of our candles, you will be contributing to help END 

Violence Against Woman within our First Nation communities.